Mortgage loan: definitions, conditions and amounts

Among the different types of real estate loans, we find – The social accession loan (PAS) – The zero rate loan (PTZ) – The approved loan (PC) – The housing action loan – The housing savings loan (PEL) Most of they are aimed at promoting homeownership.

There are many home loans and loans for individuals, including – The PTZ +. Without interest, it allows you to acquire a main residence according to your resources. – The social accession loan (PAS) paves the way for the purchase or renovation of the main residence. – The housing action loan (PEL) is granted without means test. – The zero-rate eco-loan (Eco-PTZ) is intended to improve the energy performance of old real estate.


What is the nature of a loan?


The nature of a capital loan is different from the purpose of the loan (which it can allow you to acquire). The nature of such a loan corresponds to the type of fixed asset targeted (new or old) as well as to the use you wish to make of it (principal residence, secondary residence or rental investment).

Several types of consumer credit exist. Among them:

  • Restricted credit
  • Personal loan
  • Revolving or revolving credit
  • Credit granted for a very specific use
  • Rental with option to purchase (LOA)
  • Free credit
  • Private payment card (credit card)
  • Mortgage life loan
  • Personal microcredit
  • State guaranteed student loan


What are the loans under agreement?

What are the loans under agreement?

Agreed loans are intended for the most modest households and first-time buyers who acquire real estate. Unlike traditional loans, approved loans allow borrowers to benefit from APLs. It does not give rise to any resource obligation. Among them: the Zero Rate Loan (PTZ), the Zero Rate Eco-Loan (eco-PTZ), the Housing Action Loan (PAL), the Social Accession Loan (PAS) and the Conventional Loan (PC).

Granted by establishments having signed an agreement with the State without means test, it is intended for owners wishing to carry out work in their main residence. It can also be requested by people wishing to become an owner (through the acquisition or construction of their main residence).


How to get the zero-rate loan?

How to get the zero-rate loan?

To obtain the loan at zero rates, you must do the approach in the banking establishments having signed an agreement with the State. With some exceptions, you must be a first-time buyer: that is, you must not have owned it in the two years preceding the PTZ +. There are also certain resource conditions that must be capped depending on your income, the geographic area of ​​the targeted accommodation and the size of your household.

Consumer credit is intended to finance works, studies or even a trip. Between 200 $ and 75,000 $ dollars, it is regulated by several measures protecting the borrower. You also have the possibility of choosing the allocation of the credit: it can be unassigned and in this case, used when you want. Otherwise, it must be used to purchase the desired property when signing the contract.